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display Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

char ** argv
int authComplain
char * authFile
unsigned short * authNameLens
int authNameNum
char ** authNames
int authNum
Xauth ** authorizations
int authorize
char * chooser
char * class
ARRAY8 clientAddr
char * clientAuthFile
CARD16 connectionType
CARD16 displayNumber
DisplayType displayType
char * failsafeClient
XdmcpNetaddr from
int fromlen
int grabServer
int grabTimeout
char * greeterLib
char * keymaps
Time_t lastCrash
char * name
struct displaynext
int openDelay
int openRepeat
int openTimeout
XdmcpNetaddr peer
int peerlen
int pid
int pingInterval
int pingTimeout
char * reset
int resetForAuth
int resetSignal
char * resources
int serverAttempts
int serverPid
char * session
CARD32 sessionID
char * setup
int startAttempts
int startTries
char * startup
FileState state
DisplayStatus status
char * systemPath
char * systemShell
int terminateServer
int termSignal
int useChooser
char * userAuthDir
char * userPath
int version
char * willing
char * xrdb

Detailed Description

Definition at line 165 of file dm.h.

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