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Public Attributes

dlfuncs Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

void(* _ClearCloseOnFork )(int fd)
char *(* _crypt )(CRYPT_ARGS)
char **(* _defaultEnv )(void)
void(* _DeleteXloginResources )(struct display *d, Display *dpy)
void(* _endgrent )(void)
struct group *(* _getgrent )(void)
struct passwd *(* _getpwnam )(GETPWNAM_ARGS)
char **(* _parseArgs )(char **argv, char *string)
int(* _PingServer )(struct display *d, Display *alternateDpy)
void(* _RegisterCloseOnFork )(int fd)
void(* _SecureDisplay )(struct display *d, Display *dpy)
void(* _SessionExit )(struct display *d, int status, int removeAuth)
void(* _SessionPingFailed )(struct display *d)
SETGRENT_TYPE(* _setgrent )(void)
void(* _SetupDisplay )(struct display *d)
int(* _source )(char **environ, char *file)
char **(* _systemEnv )(struct display *d, char *user, char *home)
void(* _UnsecureDisplay )(struct display *d, Display *dpy)
void(* _WDMDebug )(char *fmt,...)
void(* _WDMError )(char *fmt,...)
void(* _WDMPrintEnv )(char **e)
char **(* _WDMPutEnv )(char **env, const char *string)
char **(* _WDMSetEnv )(char **e, const char *name, const char *value)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file greet.h.

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